alt=A former NFL cheerleader turned rocker, Melissa Burnos is an unexpected success on the Miami music scene. A few years ago Maurice Gibb, a good friend and member of legendary group The Bee Gees, encouraged Burnos to turn her pages of dark poetry in song. A natural entertainer, her inherent rock sensibilities come alive on any stage as she loses herself in the music. Passionate about music and dancing since she was old enough to walk, Burnos trained in ballet, tap, jazz and hip hop, using the last genre to get her on the road to stardom. Turning her passion into a career, Melissa rose to the limelight as a cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins where she not only danced her heart out, but also sang a tune or two at special NFL events. All the while, she knew she wanted to accomplish more and decided to leave the sports world to focus on her true passions. Her pop rock sound is a mix between Portishead and Led Zepplin, while vocally, blues legend Etta James serves as her greatest hero. Embarking on a world tour this year with Argentinean pop star Ricardo Montaner, Burnos will perform in historic venues in Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, Uruguay, Colombia, and Mexico. “I really pride myself on my live show because I’m a really high energy, in your face kind of singer,” explained Burnos. “I like to take live audiences and listeners on a musical journey that is deep and dark, upbeat and fun, where I can break it all down and make it sultry and sexy.”