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Following in the 4 Rivers Tradition

I am a huge 4R fan,eat there as often as possible. I had heard they opened a new restaurant with the focus on “Soul” food. The reviews were not great when they first opened so I waited…and waited…and waited until finally the wife and I randomly decided to go one night. So the place is in a old building in the Winter Park area but not on Park Ave. Patrons line up in a cafeteria style line before ordering,which works to an extent but like 4 Rivers Smokehouse,the line can easily go out the door and continue outside. The room is decorated with what look like vintage tables and chairs,pictures of chickens on the walls each with a name…I am not sure if its meant to be cute but I don’t name my food. They specialize in chicken but serve meatloaf and various sides like dirty mashed potatoes,mac n cheese,hush puppies,green beans and the like. On my first trip to The Coop I decided to try some of their smaller dishes and sides.I pigged out by myself on my first trip here,so this time I had to be more reasonable with portions,because normally I’m not.
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When I first ordered,I asked for two Chicken N’Biscuits,(pictured). chickenbisc I expected them to be on the smaller side,but after seeing one plated, I asked to cancel the second order. The fried chicken strip was a decent size,hanging off both ends of the biscuit.Topped with honey, this didn’t need any extra sauces. The pickles were a nice touch too, giving a touch of acid and spice.The chicken itself had good flavor and juicy. The biscuit did it’s job with this chicken and biscuit “sandwich”,holding it together and not crumbling.I’ll have to try the biscuit by itself to see how classically Southern it is next time. The sides were good,the dirty mashed potatoes had the required lumps and the Mac was great. Overall it was a good experience. I do recommend this place but don’t expect to be wowed.
The Coop is open Mon-Thus.11:00 a.m.- 8 p.m.;Fri-Sat 11:00-9:00. They are located at: 610 W Morse Blvd,Winter Park,FL 32789. Phone:407-843-2667